Even though hurrican Gustave ravages the country, people in Jamaica still have the presence of mind to upload videos to the internet, giving a constant feed of footage out of the island. Anyone who has electricity and a connection to the internet can search Youtube for live footage of accidents, damage, and video clips of the wind destroying buildings, almost “Live”. ApressJamaica congratulates Jamaicans and encourages them to keep the faith and keep uploading that footage. To Jamaicans living abroad, it may be the only way you can get up – to – date information about the state of affairs in this Disasterous time.


Jamaican recording artist G Whizz is the latest in a line of recording artists to do songs dedicated to the Jamaican track and field athletes who performed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Other artists on this list include Wayne Marshall and L.A. Lewis.

Jamaican artists are usually renown for how quickly Read the rest of this entry »

We found an intervew Micheal Johnson did ater Usain bolt won gold in the 100 meter dash, where he says that he doesn’t think Usain Bolt will do as well in the 200 meter race as he did in the 100 meter, he also said that he didn’t think Usain would break the olympics record, much less the world record. It would be interest ing to see what he has to say on the matter now that Usain has not only won the race but also shattered both the Olympic and gold records both held up until today by Micheal Johnson.

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Melaine Wlaker’s community errupts in joy full shouts as Melain walker shatters the Olympic Record for the womens 400 meter hurdles, her family credits both “God and the Garrison” for her Read the rest of this entry »

Melaine walker sets a new world record at the Beijing Olympics in the womens 400 meter hurdles, needless to say she also claimed for Jamaica, yet another gold medal at the Beijing Olympics 2008