Concerned parents in Mona Heights, Kingston Jamaica, met today to discuss the recent events surrounding the distribution of a pornographic video, featuring CVT-TV’s very own Amelia ‘milk’ Sewell (host of the e-strip hit list) and Zip fm disk jockey, ZJ Liquid. The parents were allegedly irate over the ease at which their young children could acquire, view and distribute the sex tape with their cell phones.


One of the parents told APRESSjamaica that she had taken away her child’s phone until she is satisfied that Digicel and b mobile have put sufficient measures in place to restrict young children from being able to access the internet from their phones. She also urged parents across the island, not to give their young children phones with Bluetooth, internet or video capabilities.


Should the mobile service providers be blamed for the extent to which the sex tapes were distributed to minors? Do parents share the responsibility for controlling what their children are exposed to on the internet? Should entertainers and other public figures be more careful to keep their private lives, private?


APRESSjamaica welcomes any comment on these issues.


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